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Understanding Ag. LLC, is currently searching for a qualified individual to serve as a Business Development Director

Understanding Ag ( is a regenerative agricultural consulting company that provides the support and confidence to help our clients reduce input costs, generate actual profits and ensure family farming futures. We accomplish this by educating and mentoring farmers, ranchers, landowners, businesses, and communities in the principles and practices needed to restore, repair, rebuild, and regenerate their farming and ranching ecosystems. We are real farmers and ranchers who combine decades of experience to help our clients successfully implement regenerative agricultural and ecological principles that replace the input-intensive, agricultural model to enable sustained profitable farming and ranching operations. Understanding Ag, LLC also offers consulting and planning services for multi-enterprise systems, businesses, organizations and communities. Unlike other agricultural industry consultants, we do not sell or recommend products that promise “more bushels” or “more pounds.” Our services are designed to enable sustained profitability by helping our clients successfully implement practices that restore soil health and ecosystem function while reducing dependency on expensive inputs.

Regen Verified
UA believes that nature is too complex to be measured by lists and check boxes. That is why we are starting a stand-alone company called Regen Verified. Regen Verified will answer consumer demand for common language about what regenerative agriculture is. The regenerative journey, (it is not a destination) is focused on continuous improvement. Regenerative Ag is not statically defined but it is dynamic as we continue to learn and as technology advances. Regen verification is outcome driven. Results are based on the specific context of the individual producer or company. Regen Verified will focus on providing real, broad ecological results that are supported and verified with data.

Regen Verified’s Business Development Director will be responsible for:
➢Building relationships with pilot project businesses and farms to develop, validate and refine the verification process.
➢Identify and set industry standards for Regenerative Ag by using current and evolving technologies
➢Recruit Auditors
➢Recruit Team Members
➢Develop and refine Regen Verified’s business plan *
➢Work with food processors and distributors
➢Identify additional avenues in which this verification can be of value
➢Consumer research and outreach
➢Establish market position

*This position will work closely with the partners of Understanding Ag in development of the business model.

Who are we looking for
➢The ideal candidate is a systems thinker who has the capacity to operationalize a business plan.
➢The candidate should have a passion and in-depth knowledge of regenerative ag.
➢This person should be very personable and able to build and lead a team.
➢The ideal candidate should have a passion for making a difference in the world by world while by improving soil health, water quality, air quality, nutrient density of foods, and ultimately healthier humans.
➢The Business Development Director should have enthusiasm for building a small startup business from the ground up with a tremendous amount of upside potential.
➢The Business Development Director will be initially required to oversee:
➢Marketing and Public Relations
➢Human Resource/Personnel/Payroll
➢Staff and Board Support

Personal Attributes
➢Team Worker
➢Willingness to learn
➢Sense of humor
➢Excellent professional written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
➢Great organizational skills

Preferred Experience
➢Marketing and Public Relations
➢Food and Fiber Industry
➢Supply Chain Dynamics

Salary and Benefits
➢Dependent on Experience

➢Will be able to work from home

➢Minimal Travel Requirements

Kathy Richburg, Director of Operations
Understanding Ag, LLC

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