Past Webinars

"Build Resiliency Into Your Dairy"

Kent Solberg and Dr. Allen Williams

Interested in saving production costs and building resiliency into your dairy? Are there opportunities during difficult markets? It begins with the soil.  You can use assets already on the farm.  Join Understanding Ag's Allen Williams and Kent Solberg as they explore options for dairy producers to enhance their farm's potential.

"From Stress to Strategy, Financial Planning During Challenging Times"

Joshua Dukart

May 26, 2020

Effective financial planning and analysis does not start with crunching numbers and running scenarios. Profitable decisions actually begin with a vision to establish direction and creative thinking about how we are going to get there. Incredibly, finances, resource management, and quality family life are not independent of each other. Instead, they are wound tightly together and can actually feed value into each other generating profit in the short term and wealth in the long term.

"Agriculture and Drinking Water:How it Affects Your Operation" 

Eric Fuchs
May 21, 2020

Eric Fuchs knows a thing or two about agriculture and water regulatory issues because he’s seen a thing or two. He lives on a diversified livestock operation where he’s been applying holistic planned grazing for more than eight years AND he’s employed by the Missouri Rural Water Association as a source water protection technician.  Eric travels the entire state of Missouri working with small communities, helping them protect their drinking water.  In this webinar, he will share his firsthand knowledge and experience regarding agricultural land use and its effect on drinking water-and what water regulations may mean to you and your farming operation.

"Soil Building Secrets"

Ray Archuleta and David Kleinschmidt
April 16, 2020
Ray Archuleta will explain how soil functions: how plants, animals, and organisms work together as a collective to transform and extract nutrients from the soil. David Kleinschmidt will explain how farmers and ranchers can use diverse crops, cover crops and animals to enhance that cycle.

"Marketing: Laying the Foundation"

Gabe Brown, Shane New, Dr. Allen Williams

April 14, 2020

Seasoned marketers, Gabe Brown, Shane New, and Allen Williams will provide the foundational base for marketing success. Learn from their hard earned experience and wisdom so you can build a solid marketing program of your own. 

Marketing: "The Tables Have Turned"

Dr. Allen Williams

April 10, 2020

This webinar will explore how the recent coronavirus pandemic has impacted the agricultural and food markets. Potential paradigm shifts have already occurred. How can you take advantage of these markets and plan for what future markets will look like.

"Tips for a Successful Grazing Season"

Dr. Allen Williams & the UA Team 

April 7, 2020

Allen Williams and the Understanding Ag team will discuss key adaptive grazing tips for a successful 2020 grazing season.  Getting started right is crucial to the productivity of the entire season. We will help you get started on the right foot by optimizing forage availability, biomass production, animal performance, and net profitability.

"The ‘rhizophagy cycle’: How plants harvest nutrients from microbes"

Hosted by the Soil Health Academy 

James Francis White, Jr., Ph.D.April 2, 2020

To watch this webinar recording go to:

Plants extract nutrients from soil microorganisms (mostly bacteria) in roots through a process known as the “rhizophagy cycle.” But how and why does this exchange occur? In an upcoming Understanding Ag webinar, Rutgers University Professor James Francis White, Jr., Ph.D., will share his research and insights on how plants cultivate soil microbes and acquire nutrients from them through this fascinating process. “By learning more about the ‘rhizophagy cycle,’ farmers will learn why it’s important to create and maintain healthy soils with a diverse soil microbial community,” White says.“Plants obtain nutrients from soil microbes, so soils should be managed to retain a healthy microbial community,” he says. “Seeds should not be treated in any way that reduced microbes on seed surfaces and microbes themselves may be used to manage diseases of crops.”Join us for an intriguing look into this remarkable underground exchange that will provide even more incentives for you to care for your nutrient-delivering, microbial business partners.

"How to Save Dollars on Your Fertilizer Needs" March 31, 2020

Lance Gunderson, ReGen Ag Lab, will explain the importance of proper soil testing, including which tests to take, when and how to take them. By following the protocol that Lance will outline farmers will be able to make informed decisions as to the nutrient needs of their crops.  These informed decisions give farmers the opportunity to save considerable money on their nutrient costs.  We encourage all farmers, ranchers and gardeners to watch this webinar.