David Kleinschmidt

David Kleinschmidt grew up on a traditional farm in west-central Illinois where the primary crops grown were corn, soybeans and wheat. His family was also diversified in growing Christmas trees. David and his family raised outside hogs and had a high demand for wheat straw. After the hog market crash of 1998, he continued to raise hogs until 2005. With the hogs gone, there was no need for wheat in the rotation, so his family began raising only corn and soybeans.

Upon graduation from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a degree in Agribusiness Economics, his career path led him to work in ag retail as a crop specialist for eight years. He had a strong interest in understanding the “Why” and the “How” the system was designed to function between soils, plants, nutri- ents, animals and the ecosystem that surrounds them. David also had a strong interest in raising live- stock and he had background cattle on summer grass for several years until his career led him to relocate.

Surrounded in a world of conventional ag practices, he always tried to think outside the box to bring value to the farms he worked with. Based on his eight years of experience in ag sales, he decided that the modern agricultural practices were in no way sustainable if they continued down the path of destruction and extraction. He resigned from his position in sales and began consulting with farmers in 2018, solely on the principles of soil health, how to adapt cover crops to fit their farm goals and how to utilize livestock as a tool to boost soils productivity and farm profitability.

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