Joshua Dukart

Joshua and Tara Dukart have been practicing Holistic Management since 2008, identifying and working toward their financial, environmental and social goals. They speak, teach and consult regularly on an international basis.

Their ranch in Western North Dakota focuses on using the principles of Holistic Management to regenerate and enhance their land, animals, finances, community and quality of life. They have made major career changes, important family decisions and managed their resources with the help of the Holistic Context they created together.

Joshua is a Certified Educator of Holistic Management. He has a degree in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering from North Dakota State University. Through a constant pull of an entrepreneurial spirit and increasing desire to provide for others, his career has spanned in succession from engineer and conservationist to educator, rancher and business owner. ​ The Soil & Water Conservation Society selected Joshua as their Harold & Kay Scholl Excellence in Conservation Award recipient in 2017. Cattle Business Weekly presented Joshua with aTop 10 National Industry Leaders Award in 2015 and Joshua was recognized as one of North Dakota’s Top 40 Professionals Under Age 40 in 2012.

Through vision and faith, Joshua and Tara aspire to not just conserve, but regenerate landscapes, farming and ranching businesses and create win-win situations for families, communities, business teams and organizations. They firmly believe that wealth can be generated in a variety of ways: biologically, financially, and socially.

Tara has a passion for learning, teaching, community building, healthy habit-forming, effective communication and optimal human health & well-being. Tara has degrees in Elementary and English Education. Her teaching career began in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. In the States, Tara taught remedial reading & math at the elementary level and language arts and writing classes at the middle school level for 8 years before turning her focus toward raising and discipling children and pursuing a deeper understanding of human health. ​

Tara has been studying and training in physical & psychological health through natural, holistic approaches for the past 12 years. Tara coaches & consults individuals & families on nutrition, healthy immune & digestive systems, stress-reduction, hormone regulation, inflammation & pain elimination, quality sleep, natural energy and using intentional language to improve mental health & relationships with others. Tara also proudly direct-markets the ranch’s high quality grassfed beef.

Joshua & Tara enjoy raising & homeschooling their 6-year-old daughter & 5-year-old son who are delightfully inquisitive & helpful in the Seek First Ranch mission. The Dukart family looks forward to welcoming another son in the spring of 2018.

Joshua Dukart
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