Adaptive Grazing for Soil Health Workshop

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Monday, August 26, 2019 & Tuesday, August 27, 2019 

Registration Deadline August 21

9:00 am - 4pm (Registration 8:30 am)

Lunch provided

Hickory Flat Cattle Company

Ted & Linda Krauskopf

11537 Hickory Flat Road

Highland, IL 62249 

This free Pasture Project workshop will focus on the benefits of adaptive grazing for soil health, forage production and farm finances, including how to implement and troubleshoot common challenges. Instructed by Dr. Allen Williams

Dr. Allen Williams

Allen Williams is a 6th generation family farmer and founding partner of Understanding Ag, LLC, Grass Fed Insights, LLC, and a partner in Joyce Farms, Inc. He has consulted with more than 4,200 farmers and ranchers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America on operations ranging from a few acres to over 1 million acres. Allen pioneered many of the early adaptive grazing protocols and forage finishing techniques and has spent the last fifteen years refining those. He is a "recovering academic," having served fifteen years on the faculty at Louisiana Tech University and Mississippi State University. He holds a BS and MS in Animal Science from Clemson University and a Ph.D. in Livestock Genetics from LSU. He has authored more than 400 scientific and popular press articles, and is an invited speaker at regional, national, and international conferences and symposia. His major areas of research and business focus include soil health, cover crop/livestock integration, adaptive forage and grazing management, high attribute pasture-based meat production, and alternative marketing systems.

Allen and his colleagues specialize in whole farm and ranch planning based on the concept of regenerative agriculture. Their approach creates significant "value add" and prepares the landowner for multiple enterprise/revenue stream opportunities that stack enterprises and acres. This approach allows for enhanced profitability and/or investment value. They routinely conduct workshops and seminars across North America.

Hickory Flat Cattle Company
Ted & Linda Krauskopf

Ted and Linda Krauskopf live on a 200 acre farm in south eastern Madison County Illinois.  80 acres of the farm is not tillable and is enrolled in a permanent conservation easement.  The farm land is all either subject to flooding by the East Fork of Silver Creek, or is highly erodible land and light soil.  The farm is a good fit for a grazing operation and in 2007 an EQIP contract allowed pasture improvements such as water in the paddocks, a winter feeding station, and better fences.  

In 2014 the farm became one of the demonstration sites for the Pasture Project in Illinois.

Since then the operation has evolved from a cow/calf operation selling weaned calves to a custom grazing operation in cooperation with Andras Stock Farm.  Heifers are brought to the farm in spring and developed over the summer, and taken home in late fall, early winter.  The heifers are moved daily to fresh grass.  The goal is to take half and leave half in order to encourage faster regrowth and improve the health of the pasture soils.  Since the conversion to a grazing operation, soil health has improved, soil organic matter has increased, and erosion has been reduced.