Understanding Ag provides a variety of training opportunities throughout the year! See our past webinars below or click the button to register for an upcoming webinar.

Past Webinars

Greening the Desert with Alejandro Carrillo

Learn more about regenerative ranching principles and practices proven to revert desertification and restore native grasslands in arid environments such as the Chihuahuan Desert.

40 Plus Years of Cover Crop Experience with David Brandt

Brandt will share his extensive knowledge of how to integrate cover crops into a corn-soybean rotation.

Regenerative Success Stories with Brad McIntyre and Darin Williams

Do you want to know what it is like to take the plunge into regenerative agriculture? Learn how McIntyre Farms of Caldwell, Idaho and D & N Farms of Waverley, Kansas took their operations from ones of high input, low returns to productive, profitable, and regenerative! Brad and Darin will share not only their stories but also tips on how stacking enterprises and wise marketing can significantly increaseprofitability.

Practical Steps to Implementing Regenerative Agriculture Principles & Practices Gabe Brown & Dr. Allen Williams

Learning the Six Soil Health Principles, the Four Ecosystem Processes, and the Three Rules of Adaptive Stewardship are crucial first steps to initiating regenerative agriculture on your farm or ranch. However, how you practically implement those principles and rules is another matter. In this webinar we will provide some very practical and achievable steps for starting, and continuing, your journey into regenerative agriculture and adaptive stewardship. Questions we will address include: What are the best baseline measurements to track? How do you know if you are making progress? How can you implement these steps and still maintain profitability? Where can you strategically cut inputs, equipment costs and reliance on products and services, while realizing improvement in both productivity and net margins?

"From Stress to Strategy, Financial Planning During Challenging Times" Joshua Dukart

Effective financial planning and analysis does not start with crunching numbers and running scenarios. Profitable decisions actually begin with a vision to establish direction and creative thinking about how we are going to get there. Incredibly, finances, resource management, and quality family life are not independent of each other. Instead, they are wound tightly together and can actually feed value into each other generating profit in the short term and wealth in the long term.

"Build Resiliency Into Your Dairy" Kent Solberg and Dr. Allen Williams

Interested in saving production costs and building resiliency into your dairy? Are there opportunities during difficult markets? It begins with the soil. You can use assets already on the farm. Join Understanding Ag's Allen Williams and Kent Solberg as they explore options for dairy producers to enhance their farm's potential.

"Agriculture and Drinking Water: How it Affects Your Operation" Eric Fuchs

Eric Fuchs knows a thing or two about agriculture and water regulatory issues because he’s seen a thing or two. He lives on a diversified livestock operation where he’s been applying holistic planned grazing for more than eight years AND he’s employed by the Missouri Rural Water Association as a source water protection technician. Eric travels the entire state of Missouri working with small communities, helping them protect their drinking water. In this webinar, he will share his firsthand knowledge and experience regarding agricultural land use and its effect on drinking water-and what water regulations may mean to you and your farming operation.

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