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In their roles as on-farm consultants with Understanding Ag, LLC, Regen Ag ONLINE’s world-class instructors have helped producers across the globe successfully transition from conventional agriculture to soil health-centric regenerative agriculture on more than 50 million acres of land. Regen Ag ONLINE now gives you the opportunity to experience their stories, demonstrations and collective wisdom—all to help you grow healthier soil, farms, food and profits.

Regen Ag ONLINE, offers 24/7, virtual courses on a range of soil health-improving regenerative ag topics for farmers, educators, gardeners and others.

About the learning platform

Through Regen ONLINE’s learning portal for every course, each student gets “ebook” control over the video and supplemental media to search, read, watch and interact with all of the content. Along the video timeline, augmented media is presented to the learner, inviting deep-content journeys that result in a greater understanding and retention of the course content.

Regen Ag Online Courses

Regen Ag ONLINE Courses

Regen Ag 101

This nine-module course provides students with a comprehensive overview of the basics and benefits of soil health-improving regenerative agriculture principles and practices. Presented by Understanding Ag’s world-renowned farmer/rancher-instructors, this course provides a practical foundation for regenerative farming and ranching success.

- Nutrient Management: 3
- Soil & Water Management: 3
- Integrated Pest Management: 1
- Crop Management: 1

$499 for Annual Subscription

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Regen Ag Adaptive Grazing

Building on the foundational principles of Regen Ag 101, Regen Ag Adaptive Grazing is a grazing-centric course that takes a deeper dive in exploring the Three Rules of Adaptive stewardship; observation as a key management tool; determining stock density; calculating forage biomass; the role of biology in improving grazing lands; building a grazing plan and more.

$399 for Annual Subscription

Save $300 when you subscribe to both Regen Ag 101 and Regen Ag Adaptive Grazing for $598

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Regen Ag Cropping Strategies

This Regen Ag Online course provides extensive, detailed instruction for students to develop and execute a successful and profitable regenerative agriculture cropping strategy. Topics include choosing and using the right equipment; establishing resource concerns; managing residues; choosing cover crops to address resource concerns and goals; understanding and managing mineralization and immobilization in nutrient cycling and more.

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