September 15th, 2020

7:30 - 9:00 pm central time

Greening the Desert with Alejandro Carrillo

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Learn more about regenerative ranching principles and practices proven to revert desertification and restore native grasslands in arid environments such as the Chihuahuan Desert.

About Alejandro Carrillo

After a successful career as an IT consultant in the US and other countries in the Americas and Europe, Alejandro joined his family ranch back in 2004. Tired of the constant drought and suffering that comes with traditional ranching in the Chihuahuan desert, he searched for better ways to do things. Since 2006, he adapted the principles of Holistic Planed Grazing Management to his ranch. The change from continuous grazing to planned grazing brought many challenges as well as positive results, such as being able to increase his carrying capacity 3 times while lowering his inputs.

The first thing for Alejandro was to educate himself on holistic, regenerative, and profitable ways of ranching in sync with Nature. He and his colleagues traveled to Argentina, Africa, Australia and the US to learn from successful ranchers. Alejandro is also the president of Pasticultores del Desierto, a non-profit organization which goal is to provide on-going education for cattle ranchers as well as promote Holistic Planned Grazing across the world’s deserts. Pasticultores del Desierto means the culture of desert grasslands. Alejandro’s credo is to mimic and respect Nature to stay and thrive in the cattle business.

Alejandro holds a BS in Computer Science from the Monterrey Tech, and MS in Technical Management from the Johns Hopkins University.  Alejandro received the Quivira Coalition's Ranchers award of 2018.

October 6, 2020

7:00 - 8:30 pm central time

Six-Legged Stewards:  The global influence of insects in conservation, biodiversity and regenerative agriculture with Ralph Washington, Jr.

Free Webinar

Insects are some of the most abundant and speciose animals and their small size belies their enormous impact on the health of the planet. They live on every continent, they are found in nearly all environments, and they influence what we eat, what we wear, and where we live. Despite their tremendous importance in our own lives, we often know little about them. They have also been greatly affected by the same environmental issues that we struggle with as a global society. Insects are the most apparently alien creatures with whom we are intimately connected, and we must work with them to uphold our responsibility to the world.

About Ralph Washington, Jr.

Ralph Washington, Jr. is a consulting entomologist and is Vice President of Carroll-Loye Biological Research. He has been an enthusiastic student of arthropods since his early childhood. His favorite thing about small creatures is that studying their lives often provides helpful lessons for his own. He believes that appreciating insects is critical to our efforts in improving the state of the environment.


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