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Meet four world-renowned regenerative farming experts and learn why they formed Understanding Ag, LLC.

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Regen Ag 101: Establishing a foundation of understanding
Understanding Ag's Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Shane New and Allen Williams, Ph.D. created Regen Ag 101, an on-line course to help farmers, ranchers, gardeners and others better understand and implement soil health-focused regenerative agricultural principles and practices.


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UA provides you, farmers and ranchers, with
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Understanding Ag can help you achieve your regenerative agricultural goals and objective.

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Learn how to improve soil health through practical regenerative agricultural principles.

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Learn about the principles and practice of regenerative agriculture in the resource and video library.

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Regenerative agriculture principles and practices have improved our clients' farms, profits and communities.

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Updates From Our Experts

Artificial Animals – Part 3: Rancid Fats, Harmful Additives, & the Controversial Plant Blood

Sara Keough MS, CNS, LDN – Integrative Eco-NutritionistUnderstanding Ag, LLC Technical Advisor “I do think all rich countries should move…

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Growing Regeneratively in Chihuahua, Mexico’s Arid Climate

Written by Ron NicholsPhotos by Ernie Friessen During a Soil Health Academy School in Chihuahua, Mexico, Gabe Brown handed Ernie…

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Adaptive Stewardship – What does it Really Mean?

Within Understanding Ag, we teach what we term Adaptive Stewardship. We believe this to be an integral part of regenerative…

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