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Regen Ag 101: Establishing a foundation of understanding
Understanding Ag's Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Shane New and Allen Williams, Ph.D. created Regen Ag 101, an on-line course to help farmers, ranchers, gardeners and others better understand and implement soil health-focused regenerative agricultural principles and practices.


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Regenerative agriculture principles and practices have improved our clients' farms, profits and communities.

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Sara K Blog 2

Artificial Animals – Part 2: The Hidden Dangers of Processed Plant Proteins

The Hidden Dangers of Processed Plant Proteins Sara Keough MS, CNS, LDN- Integrative Eco-Nutritionist Understanding Ag, LLC Technical Advisor While…

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Ray Archuleta Context Blog

Soil Health Principles with CONTEXT

What would a world without context be like?  Navigating a world without context is like trying to find your way…

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Sara Keough Blog Part 1

Artificial Animals – Part 1

Plant-based meats.

It’s a phrase likely to evoke controversy and contention among a wide array of consumers depending on their dietary preferences, environmental concerns, ethical issues with meat consumption and knowledge of the food industry. Enthusiastic proponents of plant-based meats insist that they’re a more nutritious option than meat and reduce the environmental impacts driven by animal agriculture. Some consumers are on the fence, feeling conflicted about the ostensible health benefits of meat substitutes, yet accepting them as an eco-friendlier alternative.

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