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At Understanding Ag, we believe that education and understanding is so powerful that once you begin your regenerative journey, you will never turn back.

How UA Sets the Stage for Your Success

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Learn why UA’s consulting and educational components form a critical foundation for the implementation of the soil health principles and adaptive grazing rules for your regenerative success.


Regen Ag 101’s Virtual Learning Course Now Free to FFA & 4-H Advisors, Vo-Ag Instructors

Thanks to a grant from global food company General Mills, vocational agriculture instructors and FFA & 4-H advisors for grades 7-12 will be provided free access to the regenerative agriculture online course, Regen Ag 101. Continuing education units available.


How We Help

UA provides you, farmers and ranchers, with
the guidance and tools to achieve your goals,
success and profitability.


UA provides knowledge and understanding

ag knowledge


Along with expert guidance and technical assistance



For your regenerative

Handshake for Regenerative Success

Consulting and Planning

Understanding Ag can help you achieve your regenerative agricultural goals and objective.

Soil Health

Learn how to improve soil health through practical regenerative agricultural principles.

Resources and Videos

Learn about the principles and practice of regenerative agriculture in the resource and video library.

Regenerative Successes

Regenerative agriculture principles and practices have improved our clients' farms, profits and communities.

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“Understanding Ag (thru the General Mills wheat project) has provided me with knowledge and expertise including tools and testing that I would never have experienced otherwise. “I appreciate the way David has tried to understand our operation and make recommendations specific to it. This experience continues to be invaluable to me.

- Torrey Ball, Buhler, Kansas

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