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Using Regenerative Agriculture's Ecological Principles

We are real farmers and ranchers who combine decades of experience to help our clients successfully implement regenerative agricultural and ecological principles that replace the input-intensive, agricultural model to enable sustained, profitable farming and ranching operations.


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UA provides you, farmers and ranchers, with
the guidance and tools to ahcieve your goals,
success and profitably.

Consulting and Planning

Understanding Ag can help you achieve your regenerative agricultural goals and objective.

Soil Health

Learn how to improve soil health through practical regenerative agricultural principles.

Resources and Videos

Learn about the principles and practice of regenerative agriculture in the resource and video library.

Regenerative Successes

Regenerative agriculture principles and practices have improved our clients' farms, profits and communities.

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Updates From Our Experts

Confounding Economics: The Farm Income Mirage and How to Prepare for the Future

Confounding Economics: The Farm Income Mirage and How to Prepare for the Future Allen Williams, Ph.D., Understanding Ag, LLC Recent articles have left me scratching…

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Unintended Consequences of Crop Insurance

The ‘Unintended’ Consequences of Taxpayer-Subsidized Crop Insurance

By Doug Peterson There are many things that influence what a person does and how well they take care of the land they own or…

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