Why Soil Health

Healthy soil is the factory of agricultural production—the key to your success.

Regenerative agricultural principles focus on restoring and enhancing soil health by using principles that create more diverse soil microbiological communities. Regenerative farming practices allow food growers to create an ideal subterranean home for soil microbes that, in turn, deliver nutrients to plants, improve soil function (including fertility and water infiltration) and increase the nutrient density of the food they produce—at far less cost than conventional farming practices.

Conversely, modern conventional agricultural techniques, which are deeply embedded in the operational farming methods of most agricultural producers today, rely on expensive and often dangerous synthetic inputs that diminish soil health and reduce the nutrient density of our food.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our passion and experience to educate farmers, ranchers and communities in applying time-tested ecological principles to regenerate our living ecosystems, thereby restoring the health of all.

We understand that making the regenerative transition requires farmers and ranchers to possess a significantly higher level of understanding related to the principles and on-farm application of these agroecological management techniques.

Our world-class cadre of experienced, dedicated, regenerative farmer-consultants work with our clients to ensure they develop the knowledge, understanding and observation and problem-solving skills to succeed as they improve the health of their living and life-giving soil and breathe new life into their family farming operations.

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