Blain Hjertaas

I have 45 years of farming experience. The first 25 were the “high-tech” way and the last 20 with a regenerative approach. The regenerative approach is much easier, more enjoyable and more profitable. I am semi-retired; still have a farm and a small herd of cows. My son and daughter-in-law are taking over the farm and they run a flock of 400 ewes plus some custom
cow-calf pairs. I help if needed. I have been passionate about soil carbon sequestration for many years and have been measuring soil carbon on my own farm and many others in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. On my farm, we are sequestering more carbon than one Canadian individual’s carbon footprint on every hectare we operate.

My wife and I live at the lake in the beautiful Moose Mountain park. We have three children and four grandchildren, which are the joy of our lives. I enjoy speaking at events, teaching holistic management and helping farmers one-on-one to become more successful.

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