Dr. Meghan Hauser

Dr. Meghan Hauser originally hails from Ridgefield, Connecticut, where she spent most of her early days playing in the woods and fields near her house. She received a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Mathematics from Brown University, before completing her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, Meghan conducted her graduate work under Dr. Ke Xu, developing advanced microscopy tools based on a super-resolution microscopy method known as Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM). She also leveraged these tools to study never-before-seen nanoscale cytoskeletal structures, particularly within various cells of the brain. 

Since graduating, Meghan has worked as a consultant in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. In this role, she helps connect cutting-edge technology firms with military agencies that depend on the very best tools to protect the American warfighter and ensure our continued national security.

While pursuing her graduate studies and in response to the diagnosis of two chronic health conditions, Meghan developed a deep passion for ancestral nutrition. She was able to reverse her diagnoses with simple diet and lifestyle changes, which compelled her to study nutrition in her free time. Her studies led her to the soil, which she realized is the cornerstone for health across so many vital areas: human vitality, animal welfare, air and water quality, and even society’s physical, mental, and financial health at large. It was at this point that Meghan determined she could affect the most positive change to the world by combining her deep technical expertise with her passion for nutrition, while remembering her roots as a child playing in the natural world. So birthed her love for regenerative agriculture.

Today, Meghan continues to study a diversity of topics and how they can be incorporated into a regenerative future for humanity, including systems thinking, economics, politics and conservatism, religion and spirituality, philosophy, physics, chemistry, history, biology, psychology, nutrition, biohacking and baseball, among others. She has returned to her hometown of Ridgefield, CT, where she enjoys hiking, trail running, reading for fun and spending time with her family, friends and boyfriend. She looks forward to one day owning and operating her own regenerative family farm with pastured goats, chickens, honeybees and a big garden.

Dr. Meghan Hauser
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