Felicia Bell

Felicia Bell

Felicia Bell of RD & S Farm, LLC has been involved in agriculture all of her life. She is a fourth-generation farmer and was taught the responsibility of “helping your fellow man, your neighbor.” She has taken this ideal and combined it with her science and research background to create new methods and techniques that introduce regenerative principles and practices to small-acreage farmers like herself, helping them stay viable during economic hardships.

RD & S Farm has many components such as natural livestock and certified organic fruit production. It is also the site of a Mobile Farm Animal Education Center featuring animal-assisted therapy, a Barnyard Crew 4-H Club, a Sustainable Agriculture Consultant service, a Natural Farm Tours location and a “TradAg Wellness, Traditional and Homeopathic wellness service provided by Felicia. The diversity of community farm activities yields many new business associates and clients.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree from Jackson State University, a Certification in Hospitality and Tourism and a Certification in Grazing Management. Felicia’s passion for helping others is the reason she always works to better herself through education and professional development.

She is a former board member and officer for the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and the Mississippi Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association, the latter of which gives voice to African American small farmers and gardeners.

Her former appointment as chairwoman of Mississippi Women in Agriculture Association in 2013 provided a great opportunity to help many women at once by utilizing the ripple effect with the various programs, workshops, conference and tours that the National Women in Agriculture Association (Oklahoma) has to offer. Felicia believes that everyone deserves access to healthy food, and with the collective effort of small, regenerative farmers across the country, this goal can become a reality.

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