Ranch Technician at McGinley Ranch

Ranch Technician

McGinley Ranch - Gordon, NE

If you are looking for a typical ranch job where production is the driver, stockmanship is a swear word, where you have minimal responsibility, a high level of supervision, and a simple daily routine, there is no need to apply or read any further.

If however, you are passionate about Regenerative Agriculture, Research, Conservation, Excellent Stockmanship, Grass Finishing Bison, and balancing that with production, keep reading.

Our Mission: “The mission of the Turner Institute of Ecoagriculture is to research, practice, and disseminate sustainable strategies and techniques for conserving ecosystems, agriculture, biodiversity and rural communities.”

Who Are You?
Most importantly, you are a person with a high level of character. You possess most, if not all of the following characteristics:

Extreme Ownership- You own everything in your world that affects the mission. You do not engage in blame. You own every success, every failure, every problem, and every solution.
Drive – The unrelenting need for achievement and constant improvement.
Resiliency – The ability to persevere in the face of challenges and bounce back from setbacks.
Adaptability- The ability to adjust according to the situation, learn new things, innovate, and try new methods.
Humility- Self-Confidence in ones ability while understanding there is always room for improvement and that others knowledge and experience are valuable.
Integrity – An adherence to not only what is right but also what is legal.
Effective Intelligence- The ability to apply one’s knowledge in real world scenarios.
Team Ability- The ability to function as part of a team. Placing the success of the whole above the needs of the self.
Curiosity- The desire to explore the unknown and question the status quo, in pursuit of better, more effective solutions.
Emotional Strength – A positive attitude, high empathy, control over emotions, especially in chaotic and stressful situations.

In short, you will need to be a person who is humble, with a “GET AFTER IT” attitude, who is a great team member (No Silos), embraces hard work and doing the right thing. You will be expected to ask questions where needed and seek training in areas where you are lacking knowledge and or skill. You will also have a high degree of Range and Grazing Management knowledge that you can directly apply to the position.

What Are Your Effectiveness Areas and What Outcomes Will You Be Expected To Produce?

Range Monitoring and Grazing Planning
 Locate and effectively collect proper range monitoring data from range sites.
 Utilize input from ranch team members to develop growing and dormant season grazing plans in line with the ranch mission.
 Observe plant, animal, insect, and soil activity during animal moves and make recommendations for changes in grazing strategy.
 Submit monthly grazing reports to the Range Ecologist.

Animal Care and Stockmanship
 The primary steward over 300+- Grass Finished Bison bulls. You will graze them in a way that maximizes gain and flavor profile.
 Utilizing temporary electric fence, Stockmanship, salt, water, and other tools to ensure the land and Bison are properly cared for.
 Handle Bison with respect using advanced livestock handling techniques.

Infrastructure Stewardship
 Responsible for all fence and well maintenance in the pastures you are a steward over.
 Maintain organized and clean work areas including vehicles and equipment.
 Assist in the planning and implementation of capital projects within your stewardship

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