Ushering in a New Era

Understanding Ag, LLC, is ushering in a new era of regenerative agriculture that is resulting in more productive, profitable, and resilient farms across the globe. At their individual and collective cores, UA’s team members believe there is no more important pursuit than to help you improve the health of our living and life-giving soil and they are dedicated to your growing and regenerative success.

If you have soil, regenerative agriculture will work for you. We’ll show you how!

Our Mission, Our Passion

Understanding Ag is a regenerative agricultural consulting company that provides the support and confidence to help our clients reduce input costs, generate actual profits and ensure family farming futures. We accomplish this by educating and mentoring farmers, ranchers, landowners, businesses, and communities in the principles and practices needed to restore, repair, rebuild, regenerate their farming and ranching ecosystems.

Understanding Ag Consulting and Planning

Who We Are

We are real farmers and ranchers who combine decades of experience to help our clients successfully implement regenerative agricultural and ecological principles that replace the input-intensive, agricultural model to enable sustained profitable farming and ranching operations. Understanding Ag, LLC also offers consulting and planning services for multi-enterprise systems, businesses, organizations and communities.

Who We Are NOT

Unlike other agricultural industry consultants, we do not sell or recommend products that promise “more bushels” or “more pounds.” Our services are designed to enable sustained profitability by helping our clients successfully implement practices that restore soil health and ecosystem function while reducing dependency on expensive inputs. In short, our goal is to put more money in YOUR pocket.

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Gabe Brown

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David Kleinschmidt

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Shane New

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Kathy Richburg

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