Scott Farquhar

Scott Farquhar

Scott Farquhar is the CEO of Understanding Ag, LLC. He is also the General Partner of Archimedes Holdings LLLP, a diversified family office. Prior to that, Scott was a Founder and CEO of CAbi, LLC, the largest direct marketing seller of women’s apparel, an Operating Partner at Whitney & Co, a private equity investing firm and the CFO of Pharmanex, Inc., a nutritional products company.

At heart, Scott is an entrepreneur who has broad experience starting and building businesses that have quickly and efficiently scaled to profitable enterprises. As a leader, Scott’s people and teambuilding skills have resulted in dedicated and loyal teams that enjoy working together and achieving great things.

Scott and his wife Christina have three grown children and recently moved to Montana where they own the regeneratively operated Sacred Pine Ranch. He has a passion for regenerative agriculture that started in his childhood growing up on a small family homestead and continues to this day, helping Understanding Ag realize its vision and mission.

He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, has served on the board of directors for numerous companies and is a member of the Orange County Chapter of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Gold.

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