Kent Solberg

Living in an agricultural community in the 1970’s and watching the rising conflict between conservation interests and the agricultural community, Kent often wondered if we could grow food and protect natural resources on the same acre. He had a strong interest in agriculture early in life, but not growing up on a farm, and due to a lack of “beginning farmer” programs that are available today, Kent pursued bachelor’s and master’s degrees, studying biology, ecology and natural resource management.

In the 1980’s he was involved in the early adoption of conservation grazing on public lands and managed a 2,000 acre farming operation. After 15 years of working for natural resource agencies, Kent left to pursue a farming career that has spanned 26 years. Additionally, he ran an agricultural fence design and installation business for 10 years. Kent has an award-winning, grass- based dairy farm in west-central Minnesota. He has worked as a college-level instructor and consultant in regenerative agriculture for over 10 years, specializing in adaptive-grazing management and integrating livestock into cropping systems.

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