Luke Jones

Luke Jones

My name is Luke Jones. I grew up and still reside in a rural community in West Central Illinois. I’m a husband and a father of 3, with one more on the way in June 2024. I’ve had a hand in agriculture since I was “farming the flower beds” as a child to currently operating my own business comprised of leased land and a small family farm. Our current operation includes importing and raising Australian White Sheep, row crops, and prior experience with cattle.

For years growing up I was always told that there is no way to make a living on the family farm and it was easier to work with head than my back. I followed that advice and went to college and stayed the course to being a product of the conventional agriculture pipeline. I eventually graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Agriculture Science. Following graduation, I stated a career with a local ag retail company and worked my way into a sales position for a period of 7 years.

To keep things short, I have always been connected with people who just thought differently that others. I can honestly way that I am forever grateful for having those connections as they always kept me grounded and I feel it’s always pulled me in the right direction when change was needed. From local producers, my grandparents, and even and ag instructor at college, those people have always challenged me in my position of status quo ag. After getting burned out of chasing the sales goal carrot, I stepped out and returned to working on the farm with a local producer.

A few years’ worth of rabbit hole Youtube videos of Gabe Brown while working on chemical prepays and some regional field days of grazing management with Dr. Williams has given me enough courage to try some things on my own and made me a believer that the principles and rules are effective. So, after effectively using my brain and some back power, as I was instructed to, I realize that my purpose is continuing to work with the land and improve and repair for the generations to follow.

My goal as a consultant with Understanding AG is to be there with you as journey down the path to building the resiliency of your operation with regenerative practices. Let’s stop thinking of our farming operations on a year-by-year agenda and start planning and building for down the road. The more you dive in, the more enjoyment you find as you get connected more with your operation and find our just how powerful it can be. I look forward to working with all growers and hope to provide a positive impact in the future of your operation.

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